Quiz: Can you identify the debut album cover?

Can you spot the artwork of these famous debuts from the tiniest of details?

In May 2019, Lewis Capaldi's debut album went straight to Number 1 - and hasn't left the Top 10 since. One year on, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent has returned to Number 1 for its tenth total week. To mark this achievement, we're testing your knowledge of some of the best-known debuts.

Because as important as the songs are, a key component to the success of an album is the artwork – and no album cover matters more than your very first.

A debut album has to make an impression, but how many can you remember? And can you fill in the blanks if we give you just a tiny detail? See if you can identify the 23 famous debut album covers in our quiz, with only an extreme closeup to help you…

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