Ones To Watch: Jamie Miller releases his broken heart in viral hit I Lost Myself In Loving You

The Cardiff-born singer-songwriter has seen this song about a deceptive lover go viral on TikTok, and now he tells us all about why it's hyper-specific lyrics can tell a universal story.

Today, Cardiff-born singer-songwriter Jamie Miller releases his new single I Lost Myself In Loving You, after garnering a lot of pre-release attention on TikTok.

With over 50,000 pre-saves before it was released, Jamie's new single has clearly resonated with a wider audience, even in its inception stage. And it's not hard to see why. 

A sparse, piano-led ballad with a stirring vocal performance from Jamie, I Lost Myself In Loving You is the all-too-familiar feeling of opening your heart to someone, only to have them deceive you. 

"These last few years have been an emotional rollercoaster but now I have a story to tell that I think will be relatable to many people," Jamie tell us. 

Listen to I Lost Myself In Loving You below.

Jamie wants to tell a very universal story through his hyper-specific lyrics. One of "falling in love, feeling so emotionally connected to a person, that person being unfaithful, heartbreak, depression, and then feeling so lost and overwhelmed but eventually finding myself."

Jamie reveals to us that the song was inspired by his own experience of falling for someone, only to then find out they had been in another committed relationship the entire time.

"I was emotionally devastated [after I found out]," he says. "But I learned so much from that love and time does heal everything."

As for what he hopes listeners could take away from the song? It's quite simple, really: "That it’s okay to fall deeply in love with someone, regardless of gender, and to go all-in with that love and those feelings and give them everything."

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