Harry Styles' As It Was: New single from Harry's House release date, video stills and more

Harry's teased the first track to be lifted from his upcoming Harry's House album.

Harry Styles has welcomed us into Harry's House with new single As It Was. 

The lead single from Harry's third solo album dropped last night, accompanied by a music video which sees Harry - sequined red jumpsuit and all - lark about in the Barbican of all places.

The track itself is a luscious indie-rock set-piece, quick and sharp at just under 3 minutes. It sees Harry dreaming of the past and facing up to some of the personal challenges he seems to have faced during the pandemic. 

"Holding me back, gravity's holding me back," he sings in the opening. "I want you to hold out the palm of your hand. Why don't we leave it at that?"

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And for those of you wondering, the voice you hear at the very beginning of the song, it belongs to Harry's godchild Ruby Winston, daughter of Ben Winston, a very old friend of Harry dating back to his One Direction days (who actually let him stay in his house).

Here's everything we know about Harry Styles' new single so far:

What is Harry Styles' new single called?

As It Was.

What does Harry Styles' As It Was sound like?

A tender and quick indie-rock song, As It Was seemed indebted to acts like Swim Deep. Towards the end of the song, As It Was opens itself up to, with a thrumming synth underline reminiscent of A-ha's Take On Me (weirdly). 

When's Harry Styles' As It Was released?

The first single from Harry's third album was released.

When is Harry Styles' new album Harry's House out?

Harry's House will be released on May 20 2022.

When's Harry's As It Was music video out?

As It Was' music video was released alongside the song. It features Harry in the Barbican.

What is Harry Styles' Are You Home page and what's it got to do with his new music?

Are You Home is a mysterious Discord account created to promote Harry's latest project. Despite its content so far being extremely vague (essentially a few random statements - or possible lyrics - on Twitter), fans were quick to attribute the page to Harry and his new music. While we don't know exactly what it entails just yet, or whether it's related to Harry's House or As It Was, we're sure things will become clear soon.

As It Was is out now via Columbia.

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