Get to know HRVY - the UK's most exciting new teen star

His new single Hasta Luego is out now - learn more about the rising star.

With his breakthrough single eclipsing 150 million streams worldwide, you could say that HRVY is becoming a pretty big deal.

The teen star has flirted with the Official Chart with recent single Personal, and now he's aiming for his big breakthrough hit with Hasta Luego, a collaboration with rising Cuban star Malu. 

We sat down with the 19-year-old former CBBC presenter to learn more about him, get the lowdown on his new single, and to give fans an insight into something they don't know about him.

He finds his fame unreal but scary all at the same time

Juggling GSCEs with signing for Universal is not something that happens to all teenagers. Following that up with a presenting role on the CBBC Channel and an acting gig in the popular web series Chicken Girls is also not the norm, but HRVY has been kicking down doors since a young age.

“It’s the weirdest thing for me," HRVY told "I used to watch YouTube and do karaoke versions of songs every day, and used to idolise these people, and now I have fans who are idolising me and my music. It’s a humbling feeling. It’s kind of scary at the same time because you feel that you have to be the perfect role model but it is such a great feeling.”

His new single is a Latin twist on his carefree signature sound

HRVY may not be a huge fan of vowels, but he's big on Latin music following his writing trips to Mexico. He's going all Spanglish on us.

“I just wanted to try something different. It’s a collaboration with one of my friends Malu, a Latin-American teen artist who has done some great things in the Latin market, so we thought to cross network and do a Spanish/English song. I’ve been to Mexico and have been writing and recording there, and I just think that the Spanish language sounds super sexy on a song, even if I don’t understand it.”  

If HRVY could collaborate with one artist, it would be Michael Jackson

Forget the moonwalking, HRVY loves Michael Jackson when he's saving the world (and has a wind machine).

“If it’s going to be anyone, it may as well be MJ – it’s got to be Michael Jackson. I love Earth Song. It’s a proper powerful song, and when you see him [in the video] blowing away in the wind, it’s iconic. It’s a big song."

He’s not afraid to show his emotional side

While HRVY is still a teenager himself, he wants to connect with people of the same age, tackling crushes and carefree times in his two EPs Talk To Ya and Holiday. But he's looking to step things up emotionally on his new music.

"I’m going to keep my music young and fun and not too deep, but I would definitely like to get more emotion in," he explained. "I want a bit more of a connection. But for now, I want to keep it teen but there will be a time where I want to talk about different stuff. I still am a teen and I’m still growing up, I’m not looking to be cool straight away, I’ve got a few years to be cool and dark and all that kind of stuff.”

One thing his fans don’t know about him? He stalks them - in a good way of course!

“This sounds really weird, but I stalk a lot of them actually [laughs]. You know when get like 50 to 60 pics deep in an Instagram profile, that’s honestly me. I look through all of their stuff and check them out because it’s interesting to see who supports you and what their lives are like. I still don’t really think they think I do that, but I really do.”

Hasta Luego ft. Malu is out now.

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