Dua Lipa and AJ Tracey mixer brings '80s power pop group The Pinkees back for the streaming age

Grammy Award-winning producer Jay Reynolds works his magic on the group's 1982 release

In a rather surprising (but very welcome) turn of events, a grime mixer behind the works of AJ Tracey and Headie One has helped '80s pop group The Pinkees to get their music onto streaming services just in time for their 40th anniversary.

Producer Jay Reynolds, who's best known for his Grammy-winning work on Dua Lipa's Boys Will Be Boys, is the son of Pinkees drummer Paul Reynolds and has worked his magic on the band's 1982 album.

The record features the group's Number 8 hit Danger Games and wasn't available to stream - until now.

"It all started when Jay asked his dad why our stuff wasn’t up on Spotify," explains The Pinkees' Andy Price.

First released in 1982, the band's only album predated the CD and - after a battle between The Pinkees' label Creole Records and then-high street record retailer Our Price - Andy admits the group 'fizzled out.' Thus, their music never made it to streaming services.

Now, though, the defunct Creole Records forms part of BMG’s Sanctuary Records catalogue.

“It is great to be able to bring much-loved but often forgotten catalogues back to life,” says BMG Licensing Manager of Catalogue Recordings. “We were able to provide original audio files to Jay and he remixed them. The songs sound as fresh as ever.”

The remastered 40th anniversary release is a family affair, too. Andy Price's son Justin happens to own an outdoor advertising business in Essex; surprising his dad with a billboard promoting the release on the A13.

“I must confess the internet is a whole new ball game for me,” says Andy, “but hopefully it will encourage some people to listen to our music.”

And while the group are no longer active, Paul and Andy still have a band together; The Beat Patrol.

“We do mainly covers – sixties and seventies,” says Andy.

No Pinkees songs? “We haven’t done, but maybe we will do now,” he jokes.

Pinkees: 40th Anniversary Edition is available to steam and download now.

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