We asked Jason Derulo 16 quick fire questions: "I'm ready to go experimental"

The star talks praying with Justin Bieber, getting drunk with Ed Sheeran and his profound love of Swegways.

His hit single Want To Want Me refuses to disappear (it was officially the most downloaded song this summer), but Jason Derulo is determined to press on with his new single, Cheyenne.

We sat down with the star to talk about the track, performing on a swegway at the MTV EMAs, how many more records he thinks he's got left in him and much more. 

Hello Jason! You were at the MTV EMAs earlier this week; did you have a nice time?

So much fun. I hung out with The Biebs for a little bit – we said a prayer together before our performances, which was nice. I also hung out with Ed Sheeran at the hotel as our rooms were next to each other. He had a little after party afterwards.

Justin Bieber is taking over the world again at the moment; how's he doing? 

He’s killing it at the moment, isn’t he? He seems like such a dope human being, so it’s great to see him doing well.

You performed on a Swegway for your EMAs performance… would you consider yourself a professional Swegway-er now?

Is that what it’s called? I call it a swagboard. I think I'd call myself a professional now! Seriously, I’m on one so often these that it feels weird to walk now [laughs].

What newfangled gadget will you use in your next performance? 

No idea! I really like bringing my life to the stage, though. That board is such a big part of my life, so I thought that was cool to do. I want to start doing more of that as I think it translates really well. The more of yourself you can put into your performance, the more honest it comes across.

Is that why you also take off your shirt a lot too?

Yes exactly! I’m from Miami, so we don’t wear shirts day to day. I get hot, okay?

Let's talk about your new single Cheyenne. Where for you does it sit on the spectrum of Jason Derulo singles?

To me, certain songs are really important for me just to spread my creative wings. Cheyenne is the number one song from that perspective, out of all the songs on the album. It speaks so true to what I was going through at that specific time. I’m not looking to have a big pop hit with this song. I think it’s important for people to hear it because I connected with it so much.

That’s becoming more important to me now. I’m doing a mixtape at the moment which is very different to what I normally do. I'm ready to go experimental and I want the music to be as real as possible. When I’m under the influence, things get a little crazy! It’s about striving for the imperfections in the music, rather than getting the perfect take.

But you have a lot of big radio songs; are you really about to go alternative on us?

It’s not about anything other than me exploring creatively. It’s important to me at the moment and it’s also really fulfilling. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone – I make music now to fulfill my creative needs.

Do you think you've yet to release your big, career-defining album? 

You mean obscure like Rihanna's Rated R or something? Maybe, I mean, some of the s**t I’ve been on… I love making music and I’m being really creative at the moment. I’m already ready to move on to the next thing. 

Radio seem to refuse to stop playing Want To Want Me. What does that mean for Cheyenne?

I mean it’s incredible, so how can I complain about that? You know what, that song doesn’t get old for me, though it’s kind of doing a disservice to Cheyenne because it’s still everywhere! You can’t force people to be passionate about a song, no matter how much you like it yourself. And the end of the day, you’ve got to do 'you' and hope everything falls into place.  

What three emojis best represent Cheyenne?

[Thinks long and hard] 😍🔫😡

The accompanying music video is quite spooky. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

I had this girlfriend when I was in high school, and she would basically become possessed in her sleep. Seriously, it was not good. She was speak different languages and all kinds of crazy s**t. Her voice went all different. She wasn’t okay. I remember being scared out of my mind, but I stayed with her and prayed for her. Looking back, it was f**king scary! I was a child! Why was I being so mature? That’s when I was a good guy.

What’s the best Jason Derulo deep cut/single that never was?

[Thinks long and hard] That’s an awesome and very hard question. Probably Trade Hearts. It’s on my latest album. It talks about how things would maybe be different with a girl if we understood how each other was feeling and why I felt the need to be away from you. It really hits home for me and is very poignant.

You cover Can You Feel The Love Tonight on the new new We Love Disney soundtrack. Did  you specifically request to do that song?

That was so fly to do. It came out of nowhere. I really want everyone to hear it, because it’s obviously a bit different for me. It will surprise people. I’ve also done a song with Pentatonix called If I Ever Fall In Love, which is a cover, but it’s really awesome.

Would you consider covering the entire Lion King soundtrack? It could be amazing... 

I should do that. Just Can’t Wait To Be King is super high though, so that would be difficult. Lion King was my Disney film, growing up. It's awesome.

How many more Jason Derulo albums will there be?

Let me make a guess-timation. I plan to make music until I’m 45, so I’m going to say… 12 more albums.

Will the last one be the greatest hits?

Ah what?! I’m ready to put a greatest hits out like, tomorrow!

Jason Derulo's new single Cheyenne is out now.