You can buy a co-writing credit on Prince's first solo single Soft and Wet

But it'll cost you.

One lucky Prince fan has been given the opportunity to buy a co-writing credit on the star's first solo single Soft And Wet. 

The song's producer, Chris Moon - who used to own the Minneapolis studio where Prince recorded his first demo tape - has listed a percentage of the track's songwriting credits for $490,000 (that's just under £350,000) on Ebay.

"Co-own a Prince song with Prince!" the advert says. "I wrote the lyrics and Prince wrote the music. When he was getting ready to release his first album with Warner Brothers, we signed a song royalty agreement in which we equally shared in the writing credits of the song."

Moon explained that he's selling his credit on the song because: "I have enjoyed hearing the song countless times over the years, been paid well and am proud of it.

"I would now like to see someone else enjoy owning it, it has achieved everything and more for me so I feel it is time to pass the torch to a Prince fan who will continue to cherish and enjoy owning it as much as I have."

While the producer notes he has been "paid well" over the years for the song, which was sampled on MC Hammer's multi-million selling album Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em, he told the Star Tribune that "anyone who buys this probably shouldn't be doing it for financial purposes. It’s more about owning one of the most unique collectables ever related to Prince.”

Prince's Soft And Wet didn't chart on the Official Singles Chart and only reached Number 92 on America's Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track featured on his debut album, For You, which also includes the single Just As Long As We're Together. Look back at Prince's complete Official UK Chart history here.