Wolf Alice drummer Joel Amey appeals to fans to help the band win chart battle with Shania Twain

"Together we can put an end to this madness..."

Wolf Alice drummer Joel Amey has made an appeal to fans to help them win this week's battle for Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart with Shania Twain. 

The London band's second album Visions Of A Life is locked in a very close race for the top spot with Shania's comeback album Now - her first release in 15 years. 

Joel jokingly compared the country pop superstar to the evil clown from horror novel/film It after recalling a story about her hit song Man! I Feel Like A Woman from his childhood. 

He explained: "When I was in year 4, one of our teachers (Mrs Bond) used to take us for compulsory line dancing lessons every week. My poor, fat 9 year old self had to break dance back and forth to an endless loop of 'Man, I Feel Like A Woman' while cursing the name Shania Twain." Read the full story below: 

Joel signs off by urging fans to buy record mostly because the band are "proud of what we've made". 

Shania fans on Twitter didn't take well to the singer being compared to a monster, so Joel later clarified: "Just realised I'm getting quite alot of hate from Shania Twain fans- she is obviously a legend everyone be chill #visionsofalegend".

While Wolf Alice were leading the way on Monday's Official Chart Update, Shania has since edged in front of them in today's sales flash (Oct 4), with 1,400 combined sales currently separating the two. Find out who will take the crown on this week's Official Albums Chart on Friday, October 6. The Final Top 100 will be published on Friday at 5.45pm here.

Article image: Laura Allard Fleischl