Will Smith, Dua Lipa, Ciara and the cast of Queer Eye appear in the music video for Drake's In My Feelings

The current Number 1 single may just be about to get even bigger.

Just when you thought the In My Feelings Challenge may be about to die down, Drake has made sure that everyone will continue busting a move to his song.

Drizzy has released the official music video for In My Feelings, an 8-minute clip that references the popular viral challenge, while also paying homage to New Orleans culture.

The Canadian rapper returns to his Degrassi roots with a spot of acting at the beginning, scenes that reference his real-life relationship with first girlfriend Keshia Chante. 

Following the opening scene, Drake hits the streets of New Orleans, where dancers put their own spin on the moves popularised in the In My Feelings challenge. 

Towards the end of the visual, the five-time UK chart-topper awakes from a dream in his trailer, and references the dance craze: "I had this dream that I made this song, and then this kid from New York did some dance to it... and then the world did the dance. And Will Smith was there. No-one would stop. It was terrible."

Then at that point, the In My Feelings Challenge's originator Shiggy makes a cameo appearance, before the most famous clips from the challenge play out. Dua Lipa, Ciara, Will Smith, Ryan Seacrest and more make cameo appearances.

In My Feelings is Drake's fifth UK Number 1 single, and is taken from his Number 1 album Scorpion. Click here to view Drake's full UK chart history.