Who are Belters Only? The Irish DJ duo heating up the charts with Make Me Feel Good

Comprised of DJs Bissett and Robbie G, Belters Only are heading straight towards the Top 10 with (literal) belter Make Me Feel Good featuring Jazzy.

Belters Only are the Irish DJ duo comprised of friends Bissett and Robbie G, who have come together to make songs that, well... are belters only. The name needs no explanation, really.

Over the last few weeks, the lads have had their big UK breakthrough with the track Make Me Feel Good, featuring vocalist Jazzy.

Currently, the track is at Number 13 on the Official Singles Chart - although it is looking to crack the UK Top 10 for the first time this Friday. It would be Belters Only's first UK Top 10, as well as the Top 10 for all three individual acts involved in the track; Bissett, Robbie G and Jazzy.

But who are Belters Only? We jumped on a call with them to find out.

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Who are Belters Only and how did they get together?

"We knew each other from years ago," Robbie explains. "We stem from the same club in Dublin, [then] we kind of went our separate ways and pushed on with our careers. Belters Only started off as a weekly residency in Dublin. 

"Obviously, throughout the pandemic the clubs were closed, so we started focusing on making music and building Belters Only as a brand, rather than just this weekly thing."

Bissett adds: "It was a match made in heaven!"

Make Me Feel Good has been kicking around for at least three years

The lads' breakout hit has been sitting in their back pockets for a long time, just waiting for the right moment to be released (or, in actual fact, re-released). 

"We made the song three years ago," Bissett reveals. "We were just waiting for the moment to release it."

As Robbie tells it, Make Me Feel Good has been played for crowds for at least two years, and was actually self-released at one point, before being recalled due to Belters Only being signed by a major label, Polydor.

"The label came and then took it on board," Robbie says. "And from there, it has just skyrocketed."

The track features vocals from singer Jazzy, who also has an intimate connection with the band

It seems like Belters Only is real family affair. Not only have Bissett and Robbie re-connected since meeting in Dublin, but Make Me Feel Good's vocalist Jazzy is also a friend from home. 

"We've known Jazzy for years now," Bissett explains. "But we never really knew she had a great voice [until] she stepped in the studio. We knew we could smash this track and she was perfect for it."

As Robbie puts it: "We're all musicians and producers, it just so happens they're my friends."

Belters Only have another song with Jazzy on the way...and they want to collaborate with Becky Hill

Asked which artists they most want to collaborate with, the lads give us one definitive answer - queen of British dance-pop Becky Hill, of course.

"I've wanted to work with her for years," Robbie says. "I feel like it's do-able now! Get Becky on and see what happens!"

Make Me Feel Good is out now. 

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The song is just a banger!! Great dance anthem!!