Which band would you like to see get back together?

Spice Girls have been "will they won't they" for years – but who are you desperate to see reunite?

If there's an R in the month, you know what that means – more Spice Girls' reunion rumours. Since being pictured together earlier this year, the '90s icons haven't done much to suppress speculation that they're about to get back together in some form or another, and it does sound like we're about to hear some big news…

It's a side-effect of being a pop fan that we never want it to end. Although we know in our hearts nothing lasts for ever, as soon as we're done with the grieving process once bands break up, we start thinking of the resurrection. Can they get back together? Should they? And, more importantly, when?

It's the reason fans of the original Sugababes cancel all plans the second Mutya, Keisha or Siobhan say the word "soon", it's why no mention of Take That is complete without "When is Robbie coming back?" being asked in the next breath. All we really want is the band back together.

So we're throwing it open to you, to see which band reunions you're truly longing for that are yet to materialise? No, not Spice Girls, or a five-piece Take That, but the rest. Still hoping Alisha's Attic will grab their guitars again? Wishing East 17 would find the keys to the House of Love one more time? Wondering whether Hear'Say will ever put it all behind them? Praying Oasis will go supersonic once more now Liam and Noel are talking again? Reckon ABBA are going to answer your SOS anytime soon?

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