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All the latest on the charts, plus exclusives on the biggest Irish acts, shining light on fresh talent and more...

Some of you might have noticed that, at the start of last year, we welcomed Ireland into the Official Charts family, compiling their singles, albums, compilations and video charts every week.

From today, as well as being the place to keep up to date with all the movers and shakers on the charts, we’ll be keeping you informed on the biggest Irish acts and shining light on new talent, plus delivering exclusive news, interviews and #ChartFacts galore – our speciality – all on OfficialCharts.com/Ireland.

If you’re new to us, you can view the Official Irish Singles, Albums, Compilations and Video Charts via the Charts tab on the top menu bar and clicking on the ‘Irish’ button. Our Irish archive starts from week 1, January 2017, and each are complete Top 50 charts. View the latest Official Irish Singles Chart here.

We've kicked things off by revealing Ireland's Official Top 40 biggest albums of the year to date, plus an Irish-only Top 10

We've also announced some huge changes to the Official Irish Singles Chart coming this summer, including the addition of video streams. Watch Ireland's biggest band right now, Picture This, share the news for us

The revamped look is in partnership with the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA). Our dedicated Irish hub can be found at www.officialcharts.com/Ireland, and you can keep up to date with all the latest Irish charts and music news at @IrishCharts on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy!