Swales' new single Higher (Call My Name) featuring RuthAnne is a potential summer smash in waiting

The Manchester producer's new single has all the ingredients for a summer hit.

With many of us experiencing some (worryingly) unseasonably warm weather over the last few weeks, we'd be lying if we said a handful of summer tunes hadn't slipped in to our playlists. 

It's probably too early to start calling what the songs of summer 2019 will be, but that hasn't stopped Manchester-born producer Swales from offering up a strong early contender with his new track Higher (Call My Name), one of this week's new single releases

The disco house banger has three key ingredients for a summer smash. 1.) It's dance floor/BBQ/Ibiza Weekender-ready. 2.) It contains a familiar sample and 3.) It features an extremely talented but relatively unknown guest vocalist. Have a listen below: 

See what we mean? 

If it feels like you've heard it before, the instrumental was released last year, and that sample we mentioned is of Inner Life's 1981 disco re-work of Diana Ross' classic Ain't No Mountain High Enough. 

This new version features vocals from singer-songwriter RuthAnne, who not only has the kind of killer soulful voice required to pull off a song of this ilk, she's also pretty seasoned behind the scenes in pop: her songwriting credits include Martin Garrix's In The Name Of Love, Britney's Work Bitch, Jojo's Too Little, Too Late and most of Niall Horan's debut album. 

Anyway, with spring less than two weeks away, there's no harm in getting a head start in the spirit of summer, right? Right.