Sigala and Becky Hill on how Wish You Well came together: "I ran up to him, a bit drunk, and screamed ‘IT'S ME!’ in his face"

Does their story add up? We put the same questions Sigala and Becky Hill independently to find out.

It's fair to say Sigala and Becky Hill both know their way around a summer smash, right? Independently they've scored sunny, dancefloor-friendly hits, so it was only a matter of time before they joined forces on a banger.

The result, Wish You Well, has been steadily scaling the Official Singles Chart Top 40 since its release - and it's looking very good to climb into the Top 10 this week. 

To get the real story behind the track, we asked them the same questions independently so we - and you - can compare the results. Does their story add up? 

Who wrote Wish You Well and how did it come together? 

Sigala: "Wish You Well was written on my writing camp in London. Becky came with this concept of Wish You Well and when I heard the track, I worked on it solidly for about a week, as I was instantly drawn in by the hook and Becky’s incredible vocals."

Becky: "I wrote Wish You Well at a Sigala writing camp, which has nothing to do with tents... but I was in a room with three other people I’d never worked with before and had the title Wish You Well written down in my phone, we just took it from there."

Result: It's a match! Shame that Sigala's writing camp isn't an actual holiday camp, though.

What, to you, is Wish You Well about?

Sigala: "The lyrics for Wish You Well are actually very personal to Becky, and an event that happened in her life. Her skill for making that relatable to millions of people I think is clear in the song!"

Becky: "I wrote it shortly after a breakup with my boyfriend of three years, I’d begun to realise he didn't treat me right and couldn’t love me or himself so the song is really about wanting someone to go and have a good life but not be a part of mine whatsoever lol."

Result: This story checks out. Becky's level-headed approach to break-ups would make her a terrible Love Island contestant. 

What is the best bit of Wish You Well? 

Sigala: "I’d have to say the drop!"

Becky: "The ad-lib at the end! My friend Ryan Ashley did the vocal production (he does the majority of my recording nowadays) and he gave me this one long ad-lib to sing which is my favourite moment of the song."

Result: They might disagree here, but they're both not wrong.

How did you both first meet and when did you start working together? 

Sigala: "We actually met in a club where I was playing. It was one of my first ever gigs and I played Gecko (Overdrive) and out of nowhere Becky comes up to the booth screaming at me! I was like, ‘Is that actual Becky Hill?!’. So funny looking back to that moment and seeing what’s happened since then.

Becky: "Well funnily enough we were talking about this the other day. He was DJing at a club I happened to be at, Gecko (Overdrive) had just been released and he started playing it in his set. I ran up to him, a bit drunk and screamed ‘IT'S ME!’ in his face hahaha. We worked together first in 2015 and wrote a song called Tide Is Turning!"

Result: It's a match! Watch out Sigala, we'll be doing the same thing to you when we next see you DJing.

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You’ve both performed the song live together - have you noticed any wild backstage demands the other wouldn't want us to know about?

Sigala: "Becky always has her ginger, lemon and honey tea at the ready. She’s a professional!"

Becky: "I’ve noticed lots of pink champagne..."

Result: Pink champagne really does taste better than the regular stuff, doesn't it? 

Sigala - what is the best song Becky has released so far?

"Gecko (Overdrive) by Oliver Heldens and Becky is probably my favourite release of hers and not that many people even know it’s Becky on the vocals! A Number 1 hit which still sounds amazing today."

Becky - what is Sigala's best song?

"Just Got Paid with my bestie Ella Eyre, who sounds amazing on the record!"

Result: Both have excellent taste.

Sigala - what is the best song you have release so far?

"This is a really tough one for me, because they all have their own story. I don’t know which the best one is, but my favourite would probably have to be Sweet Lovin'."


"I wrote a song called Warm with my friend Shift K3y all about going on a plane for the first time when I was 19 (and also about being quite lonely lol) but for me it’s a favourite of mine from the melodies to the production!"

Result: Sigala is bang on, and while Becky's choice is definitely a great one, what about Losing