Shayne Ward premieres new 'laid bare' version of X Factor winner's single That's My Goal

A stripped-back version of the chart-topping song will feature on his new single.

We had to double check just to be sure, but this year marks the tenth anniversary of Shayne Ward's X Factor victory and therefore the release of his winner's song, That's My Goal.

The track still holds the title for the fastest-selling X Factor winner's single, shifting a massive 742,000 copies in its opening week (it's also the third best-selling winner's song ever - full list here).

(Nearly) a decade later, Shayne has recorded a new, stripped-back version of the song to tie in with the release of his new single The Way You Were, which is released (along with a number of remixes) on June 22. It's the latest track to be taken from his fourth album Closer, which is out now. 

Hit play below and take a moment to reminisce on X Factor 2005; when Kate Thornton called the shots, Simon, Louis and Sharon were a triple threat, and Chico time had only just begun...