Sainsbury's have claimed to be the UK's largest vinyl retailer and hmv are not happy about it

So which is the best place for some Red Hot Chili Peppers or Hot Chocolate?

hmv have a brilliant response to Sainsbury's recent claim that they are the UK's largest vinyl retailer.

The supermarket giant, who started stocking vinyl in 171 of its stores in March this year, claimed to be biggest vinyl retailer on the high street with an 8% market share in their first quarter trading statement last week.

hmv have since refuted the claim, quipping: "When it comes to vinyl sales hmv have over four times the market share of Sainsbury’s from a range of up to 1,500 records in each of our 128 stores. Not that hmv are blowing their own trumpet, but if you are looking for some Red Hot Chilli Peppers, a Hot Chip, or Black Eyed Peas: the best place to visit is your local record store.

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"hmv stocks a huge selection of music on vinyl and CD with artists as diverse as Bread, Marmalade, Bananarama, Hot Chocolate, and The Cranberries (however, we would like to point out that we don’t sell nearly as many teabags as Sainsbury’s)."

Sainsbury's have since clarified their claim, explaining: "We have more stores on the high street (171) selling vinyl – making us the biggest for location - however, we still don't sell as many records as hmv."

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The mark the occasion, check out hmv's For The Record infographic below, revealing some the biggest and best stats on black plastic (click on the image to enlarge): 

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