Rihanna becomes the second artist to crack 10 billion views on Vevo

Her fans have been work work work work work working hard...

Rihanna's fans have been work, work, working hard and have helped her make some big history.

The Barbadian singer has become the second artist and first female act to reach 10 billion views on her Vevo channel on YouTube when all global views of her back catalogue on the platform are added together. The Work star currently stands at over 10.004 billion.

RiRi is only the second artist behind Justin Bieber to break the milestone figure. Justin achieved the feat back in March and now has over 12.6 billion streams. Did Rihanna manage to do it in quicker time than Justin? Not quite. Rihanna's channel was opened on May 11, 2009 while Justin's was set live on September 25 of the same year.

With eight studio albums plus guest features spawning eight Number 1 singles and 45 Top 40 hits in the UK alone, it is understandable why Rihanna is one of the first to reach this goal on the video website. Click here to view Rihanna's full UK chart history.

Other artists close to joining Justin and Rihanna in the 10 billion club are Taylor Swift who is on 9.62 billion and Katy Perry who currently sits at 8.28 billion.

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