Record Store Day announces that RSD Drops will return in Summer 2021

Record Store Day 2021 will take place over two dates in June and July.

Record Store Day has announced that its RSD Drops will take place again in 2021.

On June 12 and July 17 2020, Record Store Day will take place across the world within participating record stores. The list of specially created releases will be revealed soon.

While vaccines are rolling out across the country and much of the world, organisers are keeping adjustments in place for a second year to help make the event as successful as possible for participating shops.

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With the pandemic still ongoing there is still potential for production and distribution issues, so splitting the celebration across two dates allows the largest possible number of stores and record labels to participate.

RSD Drops was introduced in 2020 to ensure a safer approach to Record Store Day amid the pandemic, splitting its 500+ releases across three days between August, September and October.

Each shop devised its own way of operating on each drop, from bookable time slots to socially-distanced queues to ensure safety of customers while continuing to serve them.

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Article image: RMV/Shutterstock