Official Charts' Pop Genius Quiz: The Nineties

How well do you really know your Nineties music? Take our quiz to find out if you can officially label yourself a Pop Genius.

Blur vs. Oasis, the Spice Girls' global domination, Bryan Adams’ seemingly never-ending reign at Number 1 with (Everything I Do) I Do It For You... the Nineties were a golden era in music history. But how well do you really know your stuff? 

Our Pop Genius quizzes are especially tough, designed to test the smarts of even the most avid music and chart fan. The questions have been compiled by Lee Thompson, who is a quizmaster for the legendary, annual Nordoff Robbins Pop Quiz.

Think you've got what it takes to be a Pop Genius? Right then, let's go...

Quiz: Can you spot the cover song from the original?

Article image: Press (Oasis), Shutterstock (Spice Girls/Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue)