Norwegian-Irish artist Tara Nome Doyle previews second album with new track Caterpillar

It's the first taste of her sophomore record Værmin, out next week.

Norwegian-Irish artist Tara Nome Doyle has released her new single, Caterpillar.

The haunting track serves as the launch single for Tara's upcoming second album Værmin - pronounced Ver-min - which drops next week (January 28).

"Sometimes it seems to me as if my depression is actively trying to lull me into a false sense of comfort in times of perceived hopelessness," Tara says of the new single.

"I wanted to explore my relationship with this state that is at once harrowing and oddly tempting, so I wrote Caterpillar from the perspective of personified depression."

Listen to Caterpillar below:

As well as her upcoming second record, which is described as a "tragic love story, rich in symbolism," Tara has also recently collaborated with noted British composer Isabella Waller-Bridge (sister of Fleabag creator Phoebe) on a song for the upcoming Netflix film Munich - The Edge of War, which co-star Jeremy Irons. 

The film drops on Netflix January 21, and Tara can be seen performing the song - in German! - in a scene in the film.