National Album Day 2023 will celebrate classic albums of the 90s

Spice, Nevermind, OK Computer...take your pick!

National Album Day is returning for 2023 to celebrate the classic albums of the 1990s. 

Last year saw National Album Day centred around the theme of Debut Albums, with ambassadors like KSI, Franz Ferdinand and Sam Ryder, who saw his own debut album There's Nothing But Space, Man! debut at Number 1 last year.

Now in its sixth year, National Album Day ees the music community come together each year to celebrate and promote the art of the album. And what a decade to shine a light on; with some of the defining albums of the 90s - like Spice Girls' Spice, Radiohead's OK Computer and Nirvana's Nevermind - all reaching worldwide commercial and critical success from a thrilling and diverse range of genres. 

National Album Day is again presented in association with official broadcast partner BBC Sounds and specific aritist ambassadors closely tied to the 90s will be announced in due course.

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National Album Day this year will also celebrate 75 years since the introduction of the LP format, helping birth the modern album like we know and love today.

Sophie Jones, BPI Chief Strategy Officer & Interim CEO, said: “So long as story-telling remains central to making great music, the album will always occupy a special place in the hearts of artists and fans alike – and the 90s were an especially rich decade for the format, with diverse genres, spanning Britpop, Hip Hop and Trip Hop among others, and brilliant artists who went onto become mainstays of our popular culture.  We invite everyone with a love of the album to join us on this year’s National Album Day journey of appreciation and discovery that will highlight, as it does each year, the enduring appeal of the art of the album and celebrate a truly memorable decade of albums that are now inspiring the next generation of talent.”

Kim Bayley, Chief Executive ERA said: “With the album celebrating the iconic milestone of 75 years, it couldn’t be a more exciting time to delve into a decade so rich in musical heritage and culture. From giving birth to legendary genres to launching the careers of many much-loved artists, the 90s is a decade that continues to connect and bring joy to music lovers, young and old, to this day. We’re looking forward to not only celebrating the albums that shaped the decade but also to championing undiscovered gems and those that have inspired so many of today’s generation of artists."

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