Nadine Coyle is all about the confidence on her new single Girls On Fire - First listen review

Nadine's brings the girl power on her latest track.

Earlier this week, Nadine Coyle’s surprisingly endearing pop comeback stepped up another notch with the announcement of an EP coming out in April and a UK tour to follow May.

That’s right – as well as adding a few more brand new Xenomania-produced tracks to your collection, you’ll be able to witness Nadine deliver them (plus a fair few Girls Aloud hits, if the border of her tour poster is anything to go by) in a live scenario. You can't say fairer than that now, can you? 

Following last year’s Go To Work, an undeniably infectious romp that was just the right side of bonkers, Nadine is releasing the next single from the EP tomorrow (Feb 8). It’s called Girls On Fire - and like its predecessor, there’s a lot to take in. Here are our notes on what you can expect:

  • Girls On Fire is pop of the stiletto-strutting, hair-flipping, lip-synching-for-your-life kind. It’s a banger that’s also a belter.

  • On first listen it sounded like a sped up version of her debut single Insatiable.

  • The song kicks off with the chorus (often a very good place to start), which goes: “This one’s for my girls, they’re on fire/ And you know that you got it, you know that you’re doing it well”.

  • As you might have guessed from those lyrics, the song is all about owning your confidence, women supporting other women and girl power ✌️. There's a danger that these sorts of songs can come off as trite, but this is Nadine Coyle we're talking about - she more than exudes the kind of sass and confidence required to pull off such a track.

  • Xenomania are known for turning the structure of a pop song on its head (hello Biology), and while Girls On Fire is in fact fairly traditional in its layout (it even includes a middle 8), there's a nifty ten second post-chorus before the second verse kicks in, just to keep you on your toes.

Girls On Fire is out on February 8 and Nadine's as-yet-untitled EP follows in April. Tickets for her UK tour go on sale on February 9 via her official website.