Meghan Trainor talks songwriting aspirations: "To be like Ed Sheeran, that's my dream"

No Excuses, Meghan Trainor wants to be the best artist and songwriter around.

While Meghan Trainor is eager for fans to hear her new album, she's also hoping to find homes for the songs she's written that had to be left behind.

The singer, who recently released her new single No Excuses, told that while the music she has recorded herself is her primary focus, she believes she has so many more songs on the cutting room floor that need to be heard. 

Meghan has written for the likes of Little Mix, Fifth Harmony and Jennifer Lopez in the past, and hopes more artists will take her songs in the future. 

"Everyday I’m trying to [send songs to other artists]. I have a lot of extra songs from this album that are still amazing and still deserve to be heard," She said. "We need to find homes for them. It breaks my heart. We talk about them, horrifically, like babies. ‘You’re killing off another kid’… don’t make that the title of this or I’ll kill ya!'"

Meghan added that her mum, Kelli, is "on the mission" to get her songs in front of other artists: "She’s looking at every artist like, ‘Zara Larsson needs to sing this. This is what needs to happen.’ Then I’m like, 'okay mum, we’ll get it done. We’ll try.'"

Of her aspirations to be a globally successful songwriter as well as a popstar, there's one artist Meghan looks to for inspiration: Ed Sheeran.

“I hope everyone sings my songs, that’s my dream, to be like Ed Sheeran, you know?" she said. "I would die to work with him. He gets it. He gets what radio needs, he gets what everyone wants. That’s something I try to do too. When I heard Perfect, at first I thought it was too many words and I couldn’t remember it right away. But after hearing it on the radio over and over, it’s perfectly written, he killed it."

When it comes to striking a balance between creativity and writing commercially successful hits, she explained: "I try to say like, ‘how do I bring music that’s impressive and really musical back to radio, but is also what the kids wanna hear?’

"There are a lot of politics and a lot of rules that go down. And then with streaming nowadays, they’re like, ‘please keep it at this tempo’ but then I’m like, ‘uh oh, but I wanna do an upbeat song’. But Ed Sheeran gets it."

Recalling a time when she met Ed, she said: "I remember once he came up to me and said something like, ‘thanks for bringing soulful ballads back to radio’ because of [single] Like I’m Gonna Lose You, and now I hear his ballad and I’m thinking, did I inspire you Ed Sheeran?! I totally didn’t, at all, but maybe he had Perfect in his pocket and thought to bring it radio." 

Meghan Trainor' new single No Excuses is out now.