Marina and the Diamonds updates fans on new album: "I've been writing more than ever"

The singer-songwriter last released an album in 2015.

It's been a while since we've had new music from Marina and the Diamonds, but all signs are pointing to something coming very soon.

In her first interview in three years to promote NHS Voices' new all-star charity single, the singer-songwriter said it was a "real treat" to be recording at the famous Abbey Road studios, and updated fans on the progress of her next album.

Asked how the record was coming along, she said: "Really, really well. I've kind of been writing more than I ever have before which was unexpected because I thought I wasn't going to do this any more for a while.

"I'm really excited to put something out soon because it's been three years."

Marina also revealed she's been listening to new albums by Lykke Li and Kanye West, adding: "I listen to whatever's contemporary. A lot of pop music as well."

The singer's last album, Froot, was released in 2015 and peaked at Number 10 on the Official Albums Chart. It's predecessor, Electra Heart, hit the top spot in 2012. Look back at Marina & The Diamonds' Official Chart history here.

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