Look back at every UK Eurovision Song Contest entry ever

Who came before Mae Muller?

Competing in Eurovision is a highly subjective experience for the contestants.

For some, it's like an elite club where you're added to an esteemed roll of honour, proud to represent your country at a multicultural, multilingual celebration of pop.

For others – and we're mentioning no names here – it's like a particularly gruesome hangover you just can't shake, and worst of all your friends remember everything and the whole thing ended up on Instagram Stories.

The UK has a long history with Eurovision – winning five times and coming second a record 15 times – but despite claiming the record for the longest string of top 5 placings, we've had more than our share of ups and downs. Not to mention the dreaded 'nul points'.

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UK Eurovision entrants have produced a range of chart-toppers, launched acts internationally and, in one case, spawned a million-selling single.

So while some of our brave Eurovision soldiers may wish to put this particular trauma behind them, we honour each and every one of in our roll call of every single UK Eurovision competitor ever, from our first showing in 1957 to the present day. See where every UK Eurovision entry has charted here.

For 2023, Mae Muller has been chosen to represent the UK on home soil at Liverpool with I Wrote A Song. And she has some big shoes to fill - following Sam Ryder's astronomical success in 2022 with SPACE MAN, which saw him reach second place and get the UK's highest score at Eurovision ever. Sam has certainly proven what a boost Eurovision can give to a career too - his debut album I'm Up In Space, Man! debuted at Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart.

Look back at every UK Eurovision entrant, their song title, Song Contest position and UK chart placing below.

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Every UK Eurovision entry EVER

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