Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall teases Puppet On A String-sampling debut solo single

A 'Frankensteined' Sandie Shaw sample? Colour us intrigued, hun
JADE Thirlwall Angel Of My Dreams

Jade Thirlwall has teased her debut solo single via a voice notes uploaded to streaming services including Spotify, YouTube and Deezer.

Now going by mononymous moniker JADE, the Little Mix star follows in the footsteps of bandmates Leigh-Anne and Perrie as she becomes the last member of the group to release solo music.

JADE's debut single - its title and release date still to be announced - will sample Sandie Shaw's chart-topping Puppet On A String, which spent three weeks at Number 1 on its release in 1967.

In a voice note uploaded to Spotify, JADE explains: "Well basically, I've been trying to sample Puppet On A String for years. I had a session with [inaudible] years ago...and he did a session and was like 'do you remember when you used to try and sample Puppet On A String all the time?'

"I was like 'that's so random that you remember that about me, I mustn't have let it go.' I was like 'oh, well maybe we should do it."

In a Deezer teaser, Jade commments: "I just love the idea of people listening and going 'What the f*ck?'"

In another clip posted to YouTube, Jade says: "It should feel really Frankensteined, but in a really beautiful way."

JADE also shared a screenshot of a Spotify playlist including Puppet On A String to her Instagram Story, further hinting at a sample of the winning 1967 Eurovision entry.

So, what else do we know about JADE's debut solo single so far?

JADE Thirlwall Little Mix Angel Of My Dreams

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Everything we know about Jade Thirlwall's solo music:

What record label is JADE signed to?

JADE is signed to Sony Music, with her solo work licensed under Jade Amelia Limited.

What name will Jade Thirlwall release music under?

She'll be going by JADE, as her official Spotify account and brand-new logo confirm.

Jade Thirlwall solo music logo

What is JADE's solo single called?

The title of the single's yet to be confirmed, though eagle-eyed fans have spotted multiple 'Easter eggs' referencing angels across her social media posts.

What song does JADE's debut solo single sample?

JADE's track samples Sandie Shaw's 1967 chart-topper Puppet On A String, which won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom that same year.

When is JADE's solo single released?

Again, nothing's confirmed (other than 'soon,' obviously). We'll keep you posted, huns.

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