Lauren Spencer-Smith doesn't want you to fall for a Narcissist: First Listen Preview

It's the next single from the Canadian singer-songwriter's upcoming debut album.

Narcissists - they're everywhere! Trust us, we know! And so does Lauren Spencer-Smith. So much, in fact, that she wrote her new single about it.

Over her previous two singles - Fingers Crossed and Flowers - Lauren has turned into something of a purveyor of turning her personal heartbreak into devastatingly hyper-specific but widely relatable ballads. 

That trend continues with Narcissist - which sees Lauren turn agony aunt trying to help the listener avoid the mistakes that she made (honestly, write them down - they're important!). 

"If you're feeling crazy, I wouldn't be surprised," Lauren laments in the song's second verse. "The only thing they're good at is knowing how to gaslight." Louder for the people at the back please!

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Narcissist counts as a nice twist on the formula that Lauren has been working with recently; namely that she's using her own personal experiences to turn back to the audience and, instead of just recounting a story, essentially helping them learn a lesson and take her advice.

The production of the song - low swung pianos and a recurring guitar riff, also hint at a further evolution to Lauren's sound, one that's beginning to expand with each subsequent release. 

The (camp!) artwork sleeve for the single release is also a great indicator that Lauren is really taking this whole pop star schtick seriously. Foregoing some of the enigmatic mystery that surrounded her after Fingers Crossed dropped and went immediately viral, she's playing dress-up. It's proof that no matter how morose the subject line of the song is, Lauren knows you have to have fun with a concept, with a wink in your eye and your tongue firmly in cheek. 

What we'd love to see next from the Canadian mutli-hyphenate is a turn-up in tempo. And given that when speaking to, she told us that "at least half" of her upcoming debut LP is made up of mid-to-up tempo songs, including a "She's All I Wanna Be moment...a Good 4 U moment..." it looks like we won't have to wait long!

Narcissist drops this Friday (July 29) via Republic Records.

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