Lady Gaga's Official Top 20 biggest songs in the UK revealed

With Gaga's new single Perfect Illusion imminent, we look back at her top sellers so far.

Ever since her first hit in 2009, there's never been a dull moment with Lady Gaga around – every song and every image change is something of an event.

Now, as Lady Gaga releases her long-awaited single Perfect Illusion, we look back at the smashes that came before it and reveal her top selling singles.

Let's kick off with the Top 5 before we reveal the full 20:

5: Born This Way

Don’t call it a comeback, but it kinda was. As Gaga prepared to release her second full album of new material in 2011, the world waited with bated breath. Could she live up to the hype of her early hits? After two massive tours – The Fame Ball and The Monster Ball – would Gaga still have the energy to pull off another dazzling album campaign? In short: yes.

The track sold 144,000 copies in its first two weeks on sale, and reached Number 3. Its total sales now stand at 712,600.

4: Telephone

If you’re going to do a collaboration, this is probably the best way to do it. In 2010, Gaga teamed up with Queen B for a raucous girls’ night out in a ‘clerb’, sipping some ‘berb’ and definitely not answering their phones, thank you very much. The epic video was a sequel to Paparazzi, with Gaga being banged up for putting something nasty in her boyfriend’s tea. Luckily, Beyoncé was on hand to spring her out of jail, and the two went on a further rampage, causing no end of headaches for the environmental health department of their local council.

It got to Number 1, selling 720,500 copies to date, and it's proven a hard act to follow: neither Gaga or Beyoncé have had a Number 1 single since.

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3: Just Dance

Here’s where it all began. Who knew as this debut single raced to Number 1 we were witnessing the start of something really big? Before the meat dress, arriving at awards ceremonies in an egg, and starring in horror shows, there was Just Dance – a slice of perfect pop and the ideal way to introduce the world to a true pop phenomenon, becoming the third biggest seller of 2009. Find out which two songs beat it to the top here.

It's tantalisingly close to being a member of the million-sellers' club, with 957,400 sales under its (no doubt very high fashion) belt – will we see it tip over the big one soon? If it does, it'll be Gaga's third, because look who's up next…

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2: Bad Romance

Lady Gaga’s first release from The Fame Monster was something of a slow-burner, but once it got going, it certainly made up for lost time. Bad Romance took seven weeks to reach the top of the Official Singles Chart, only to be knocked off by Rage Against The Machine. It returned two weeks later, not quite ready to give up on all the glory just yet. From the cover art to the video and the defiant chant of 'Gaga ooh la la', everything about Bad Romance made a good case for iconic status. Bad Romance was Gaga's third Number 1 of 2009 and her first of 2010 – its sales tally stands at 1.034 million, passing the seven-figure milestone in September 2013.

1: Poker Face

Ma-ma-ma-maaaaah. There can only be one winner, and it’s Gaga’s second single and Number 1 Poker Face that takes the crown as her best-selling song on the Official Singles Chart. It’s classic Gaga territory: hairpieces as far as the eye can see and the flamboyant popstar outwitting the guys in a hedonistic party setting. Chants, a catchy chorus, a talky middle-eight – it’s Gaga 101 and worthy of its million-selling status.

Poker Face was the best-selling single of 2009, and passed the million sales mark in September 2010. It's currently lording it at the top of Lady Gaga's countdown with 1.17 million sales.

Other notable entries

The Edge of Glory just misses out on a Top 5 placing –  it's one of Gaga’s more upbeat numbers but was actually written in the aftermath of the death of the singer’s grandfather. It's sold 606,000 copies.

ARTPOP's lead single Applause makes the Top 10 with just under 300,000 sales, while its follow-up Do What U Want, feat. R Kelly, is close behind on 277,000 copies.

Another Beyoncé collab, Video Phone, lands at 15, while Gaga's guest spot on Wale's Chillin' is a place behind.

Here's Lady Gaga's Official Top 20 biggest selling songs in the UK:

1 POKER FACE 1 2009
2 BAD ROMANCE 1 2009
3 JUST DANCE 1 2009
5 BORN THIS WAY 3 2011
7 PAPARAZZI 4 2009
8 ALEJANDRO 7 2010
9 JUDAS 8 2011
10 APPLAUSE 5 2013
12 LOVEGAME 19 2009
13 MARRY THE NIGHT 16 2011
14 YOU AND I 23 2011
16 CHILLIN (WITH WALE) 12 2009
17 SPEECHLESS 88 2009
19 HAIR 13 2011

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