Katy Perry's 143: New album announced

As she releases WOMAN'S WORLD, Katy Perry drops details of new album 143
Katy Perry 143 I Love You album release date tracklist

Katy Perry has announced details of her sixth studio album, 143.

Preceded by lead single WOMAN'S WORLD, out July 11, 143 (code for 'I love you') will be released on September 20 2024.

As she revealed the record's title and artwork, Katy said: "143 IS A PARTY AND THE WORLD IS INVITED!

"Welcome to 143, Katy Perry's long awaited sixth studio album. Get ready for Singalong, Heart Opening, Empowering, Sexy, Provocative Pop Anthems! This is the 143 Frequency: The Love Frequency."

Everything we know about Katy Perry's 143 album:

Katy Perry's 143 album artwork:

Katy Perry I Love You album release date

When is Katy Perry's 143 released?

143 will be available on September 20 2024.

What does Katy Perry's 143 title mean?

143 is code for 'I love you,' often used in the early '90s on pager devices (remember them? No?)

What formats will Katy Perry's 143 be released on?

So far, Katy's announced a vinyl (including a limited edition deluxe purple variant), CD, cassette and digital versions.

Katy Perry Woman's World

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What is the tracklist for Katy Perry's 143 album?

The full tracklist for 143 is yet to be officially confirmed, though Katy has teased tracks including Gimme Gimme (ft. 21 Savage), Nirvana and I'm His, He's Mine via Instagram Live.

Who produced Katy Perry's 143 album?

Again, full writing and production credits for the record are yet to be revealed.

When is Katy Perry's WOMAN'S WORLD single released?

Woman's World was released July 11 2024.

When will Katy Perry's WOMAN'S WORLD music video be released?

The Woman's World music video is out now.

Katy Perry's 143 is released September 20 2024 via Capitol Records.

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The reason Katy isn't doing so well is because Monsters and TS fans are trying to sabotage her. They're disgusting.




While I agree that Gaga and Taylor’s fanbases are filled with awful people, the downfall of Katy Perry is her own doing. Many simply find her unlikeable and she hasn’t had a hit in years. She has alienated a lot of other fanbases because of the shade she has thrown at other female artists (Mariah, Britney, Taylor, etc.) And frankly, this song deserves the savaging it has been getting - it is gimmicky, outdated and simply awful. 




the fall off of katy needs to be studied. remember the early 2010s when she had the world on a chokehold? california gurls, teenage dream, part of me, last friday night?? she was on fire back then. that’s peak white girl music. this new stuff… yikes.




There goes Adele's album title for 2131...