James Horner scores from Titanic, Avatar, Star Trek and more reimagined by the biggest stars of classical music for a new album

His hits have been adapted in fresh new ways

James Horner scores from Titanic, Avatar, Star Trek and more reimagined by the biggest stars of classical music for a new album

The iconic movie themes scored by composer James Horner, which include the music of Titanic, Star Trek and Avatar, have been reimagined by a raft of contemporary musicians for a new album.

Talented artists who have recorded new arrangements of the classic soundtracks include internet sensations The Piano Guys, 2CELLOS, cello wizards, Tina Guo and guitarist Craig Ogden. 

James Horner - The Classics - released August 10 - is an ode to the musician, who passed away in 2015, and would have celebrated his 65th birthday this year.

Number 1 single My Heart Will Go On heads up the track listing, and other songs featured on the album include Jake's First Flight from Avatar, Main Title from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Briseis and Achilles from Troy and Rooftop Kiss from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Other instantly recognisable tracks on the compilation include music from Braveheart, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, Field of Dreams from the eponymous movie and Main Title from Apollo 13.

"The music of James Horner has not only provided the soundtrack to some of the world’s most-loved films, but also holds a very special place in people’s lives," said Sarah Thwaites, head of Sony Masterworks UK.

"With ‘James Horner – The Classics’, we simply wanted to create a collection independent of story lines and characters that allows the listener to enjoy major masterpieces by one of movie history’s finest composers."

James Horner - The Classics track listing

1. My Heart Will Go On (From ‘Titanic’): 2CELLOS
2. Jake's First Flight (From ‘Avatar’): The Piano Guys
3. Main Title (From ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’)
4. Briseis and Achilles (From ‘Troy’): Lindsey Stirling
5. Somewhere Out There (From ‘An American Tail’): Amy Dickson & Lavinia Meijer
6. Willow’s Theme (From ‘Willow’): Amy Dickson
7. Rooftop Kiss (From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’): Lavinia Meijer
8. For the Love of a Princess (From ‘Braveheart’): 2CELLOS
9. Theme from Cocoon (From ‘Cocoon’): Tina Guo
10. Boys Playing Airplanes (From ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’):
Alexis Ffrench
11. Field of Dreams (From ‘Field of Dreams’): Craig Ogden
12. Main Title (From ‘Apollo 13’)
13. I See You (From ‘Avatar’): Tina Guo
14. The Ludlows (From ‘Legends Of The Fall’): Lindsey Stirling

Meanwhile, over on the Classical Albums Chart, Royal Wedding breakthrough artist Sheki Kenneh-Mason is still at the number 1 album spot, with his debut LP Inspiration.

The 19-year-old Londoner silenced the nation as he played classical hits Sicilienne by von Paradis, Après Un Rêve by Fauré and Schubert’s Ave Maria during an interlude at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the spring.

Sheki went on to become the highest-charting cellist ever. The BBC Young Musician 2016 winner told Official Charts at the time of the wedding:"It’s been a crazy week with the Royal Wedding and then my college exams straight after!

"The reaction to my performance has been incredible and it feels amazing to have my album in the Official Charts. I’m so happy that people are enjoying my music and really grateful for all the support I’ve received in the past few days – it’s been fantastic.”

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