Irish indie-rock outfit Modernlove release new single Us

The Drogheda native's new tune is a break-up tune...even if it doesn't sound or feel like one.

Rising Irish indie-rock outfit Modernlove have released their anthemic new single, Us. 

Hailing from Drogheda, Barry, Cian, Danny and Graham aim to explore the pressures and anxieties fellow twenty-somethings are experiencing through their music, which they class as "polished, indie-pop with a glossy '90s sheen."

Us is the latest release from the band since they dropped their first-ever EP, Monochrome Blue, earlier this year.

Talking about the track, the band said: "Us was the first tune we ever wrote together. There's something weirdly romantic about it even though it's a break-up tune, it's hopeful and uplifting.

"That push and pull is something that has come to define our teens and early twenties, and we just love the idea of a raucous crowd singing along even though it's a sad song."

The release has been issued through Akira Records, which is also home to fellow acclaimed indie-pop acts like Shura

Modernlove are also going on tour; they play live dates at TLT in Drogheda November 20 and will support Somebody's Child at Dublin's Button Factory om November 26.