'High Definition' vinyl is expected to arrive in shops by 2019

Coming to a turntable near you soon...

The next step in the vinyl revival is on horizon as the first ever 'High Definition' vinyl is expected to be released next year. 

Austrian-based startup Rebeat Innovation has received $4.8 million (£3.4 million) of funding for the initiative and founder and CEO Günter Loibl told Pitchfork that 'HD Vinyl' albums could be in stores as early as 2019. 

A patent for the concept was filed in 2016 in which the inventors claimed the vinyl albums would have superior audio quality, louder volume, and longer playing times than standard LPs.

According to their HD vinyl website, the process works by converting audio digitally to a 3D conversion. Once optimized, the 3D topographic map will be engraved onto a ceramic plate. The site also claims that it also "eliminates the toxic chemicals currently used in the vinyl mastering process, while completely removing tangential/radial error."

Rebeat Innovation is expected to produce test samples by September, with Loibl adding: "It will take another eight months to do all the fine adjustments. So by summer 2019 we shall see the first HD vinyls in the stores."

The vinyl market has exploded in recent years, with sales now accounting for almost 1 in 10 of all physical music sales in the UK.

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