Glastonbury 2022 weather forecast: The latest news for the Pilton festival

Unsure whether to pack your brolly, sunnies or maybe both? We've got you covered.

After a two year delay, Glastonbury finally returns this weekend - and we have the most vital information you'll need for your trip there...the weather update. 

As any seasoned Glastonbury camper will tell you, the weather on the weekend hundreds of thousands descend on Worthy Farm can make or break your Glastonbury experience. Let's face it, you don't want to spend your last day shovelling yourself and your tent out of mud. Or maybe you do. It's all part of the fun!

But we here at Official Charts want to make sure you're well prepared for your trip, so we've consulted the weather gods (The Met Office's official data) and made our predictions.

Just call us your Weather Girls. And have we got news for you...

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What's the weather forecast like for Glastonbury 2022?

According to the Met Office, the outlook for the rest of the week at Glastonbury (June 22-26) is plenty of warm sunshine at the start of the festival on Wednesday and Thursday, with it getting hotter as the day goes on.

But we do have some bad news - from Friday, expect it to get cooler, with rain showers possible on Friday and then highly likely on Saturday and Sunday. 

And now let's have a breakdown of each day, just to make you feel better:

Wednesday June 22 weather forecast for Glastonbury

Sunny all day, with temperature highs of 23° at around 4pm. Sunset at 9:30 pm.

Thursday June 23 weather forecast

for Glastonbury

Sunny all day, with the temperature peaking at 22° from 1pm - 4pm. Sunset at 9:30pm.

Friday June 24 weather forecast

for Glastonbury

Cloudy and overcast all day, with possible showers from 7pm. The temperature should peak at 19° at around 1pm. Sunset at 9:30pm.

Saturday June 25 weather forecast

for Glastonbury

Intermittent sunshine and showers across the day, with the rain clearing up at around 10pm. The temperature should peak at 16° from 1pm-4pm. Sunset at 9:30pm.

Sunday June 26 weather forecast

for Glastonbury

Expect showers all day - initially with sunshine early in the morning, but casting over at around 10pm. You can expect the temperature to peak at 16° from 4pm-7pm. Sunset at 9:30pm.