Get to know Hudson Taylor: “Alfie’s biggest fear is a bad hair day!”

We sit down with the Hudson Taylor brothers to find out just how well they know each other.

Hudson Taylor may not be a household name yet, but with a stint supporting Jake Bugg on his UK tour underway, their new single Chasing Rubies out this week AND their own headline tour on the horizon, the dublin-born brothers are well on their way.

We put Alfie and Harry to the test to see how much they REALLY know about each other…

What would Harry be if he wasn’t a musician?


Alfie: "Can I draw an ‘i’ on the front of this pad and make it an iPad?" "We reserve the right to minus points for terrible jokes…"

Alfie: (laughs) "OK! Google"

Harry: "That’s not far off! I said computer programming/design"


What word or phrase does Alfie overuse?


Harry: "Eeehhh…"

Alfie: "I don’t know!"

Harry: (laughs) "Yeh that’s true, you do say ‘I don’t know’ a lot"

Alfie: "‘Eeehhh… I don’t know’ – it sounds like something I’d say!"

No match!

If Harry could be in any other band, which band would he choose?


Alfie: "This is a long shot… The Lone Bellow"

Harry: "The Beach Boys"

Alfie: "Oh, of course! I should have thought about that one"

No match!

What’s Alfie’s go-to karaoke song?


Harry: "Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’, what did you put?"

Alfie: "AC/DC - Thunderstruck"

Harry: "Damn it!"

No match!

What is Alfie most afraid of?


Alfie: "I don’t even know what I’m most afraid of! ...Jellyfish"

Harry: "A bad hair day!"

Alfie: "Ooohhh"

No match!

Who would Harry want to play him in a film?


Alfie: "Ashton Kutcher"

Harry: "Ashton Kutcher"

Alfie: "We both got it! People often compare Harry to Ashton Kutcher. I think recently though, James Franco! I was gonna say that, but I knew he wouldn’t say it."


Who is Alfie’s favourite ever musician?


Harry: "That’s really hard. Nick Drake and Paul Simon"

Alfie: "John Lennon"

Harry: "Ahhh f**k!"

No match!

What is Harry’s worst habit?


Alfie: "Errrr"

Harry: "Fidgetting"

Alfie: "Forgetting/ losing things"

Harry: "Ah yeh, you’re probably right"

No match!

What’s Alfie’s party trick?


Harry: "Irish Dancing"

Alfie: (laughs) "Jumping over my leg"

Harry: "Oh for god’s sake! I can do that too, it’s not that much of a party trick"

Alfie: "I always whip it out and then you go ‘I can do that too!’"

No match!

What three words would Harry use to describe himself?


Alfie: "I don’t know! I’ve gone generally with looks…"

Harry: "What did you put?"

Alfie: "Tall, bearded, glasses… I was gonna say musical"

Harry: "Lanky, musical, geeky. We got one!" "We’ll give you that one as you’re doing so badly!"


And finally, what is the best song you’ve ever recorded?


Alfie: "Called On. The experience of recording that song was really cool. It was a time where we weren’t necessarily nailing recordings and then we worked with this one guy who we really got along with and he totally just opened a load of doors for us. I remember we got back to the room where we were staying in America and listened to it, and were just like 'Yesss, thank god!'"

Harry: "Butterflies. It was something that we had already recorded and then we went and recorded it with Iain Archer, who we’ve recorded most of our album with, and he reinvented it slightly and I really like where it went."

Final score: 3 (we’re not sure you’re brothers after all…)

Chasing Rubies is out now.