George Michael's final interview to be broadcast on BBC Radio 2

The singer's frank and revealing interview with Kirsty Young will air on BBC Radio 2 in November.

George Michael's final interview is to be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in November. 

George Michael: The Red Line was conducted by presenter Kirsty Young at the singer's home not long before his untimely death. 

The interview was for George's Freedom documentary, which aired on Channel 4 earlier this week. Around five minutes of the interview featured in the film, though the full conversation ran for over two hours and turned into a frank discussion about George's life and career. 

The full interview will be broadcast in two 60-minute programmes on November 1 and 8 at 10pm on BBC Radio 2. More information on each episode can be found here.

One of the topics discussed was when he took his label Sony to court in 1992, claiming he had little control over his work and was being treated as "no more than a piece of software". He ultimately lost the case and spoke of his regrets about pursuing the case. 

He said: "I feel I took three years out of my career, I spent seven million dollars and I got nothing for artists. Nothing. And then 10 years later it’s a different generation…that never looks at what they’re doing to their fellow man you know. Let alone fellow artists.”

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George Michael's Freedom documentary was co-produced by the star himself and was originally intended to be shown earlier in 2017 around the reissue of his 1990 album Listen Without Prejudice. After his unexpected passing in Christmas 2016, the release and film were pushed back to October 2017.

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