Galantis, David Guetta and Little Mix deliver a mega bop on Heartbreak Anthem: First listen preview

In case you missed the memo, Little Mix are all about having fun right now.

UPDATE: You can now watch the angelic music video for Galantis, David Guetta and Little Mix's Heartbreak Anthem below. 

They say to never judge a single by its cover, but when the billing is this strong, it’s difficult not to, right?

A quick recap: Galantis - top tier Swedish production duo-turned-house-pop-connoisseurs. David Guetta - DJ who has delivered more hits than we can remember for the past 15 years. Little Mix - the UK’s top girl band for a decade whose hits we can list off verbatim.

Together they have created their new single Heartbreak Anthem; and as it turns out, three serial bop makers does indeed result in a mega bop. The track is out on May 20.

“Hello, it’s me, your ex / I called to say not sorry but I wish you the best,” Jade sings on the intro over gentle piano-house thuds, before all three chime in: “Sometimes it works out but sometimes it don’t/ Maybe we’ll fix this or maybe we won’t” in a style that we’d like to think is an intentional nod to Shout Out To My Ex.

The whole thing eventually builds into a frothy and ridiculously bouncy affair laced with Galantis’ signature string-flecked EDM flourishes and Guetta's dependable dance pop production.  

“This ain’t a heatbreak anthem/ I don’t care what happened/ But I ain’t got no time to dwell on it,”  Perrie declares on the pre-chorus. In case you missed the memo, Little Mix are all about having fun right now.