Fleur East's comeback single is our new Favourite Thing: First listen preview

The singer returns with a stomper that feels like a more comfortable fit.

Of all the 201 acts to make it to the X Factor live shows, Fleur East easily ranks among the Top 10 most obviously destined for post-show success.

Things kicked off promisingly enough with Sax – a Top 5 hit on the Official Singles Chart in 2015 - but it quickly transpired that she was armed with little else by way of hits and she parted ways with Syco shortly after.

Until now, that is. Just over two years on and a stint in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity… later, Fleur returns this Friday (Jan. 4) with her new single, called Favourite Thing – her first release under new label Hunter Corps.

Right, here’s the thing, and we’re just going to say it: We think this is better than Sax. Fleur’s Favourite Thing – in the song anyway – is a bloke whose “kisses are better than caviar” and who “feels so damn good” on her body. The chorus is an Afrobeat-inspired na-na-na chantalong with the hook: “Every time you touch my body”, and the whole thing builds towards a balls-to-the-wall finale complete with stomping horn section for Sax appreciators.

While Sax sounded like an obvious (perhaps too obvious?) hit at the time for all its Uptown Funk re-treading, Favourite Thing feels like a much more comfortable fit for Fleur. The song and its accompanying music video are available to stream on January 4, but you can listen to a preview now on her Twitter page.