Fifth Harmony interview: "It's awesome when your efforts finally start to be recognised"

We talk to the group about their hit single Worth It, debut album Reflection and more.

It's been a while since we saw an all-female group from the US in the upper echelons of the Official Singles Chart, so we welcomed Fifth Harmony's presence with open arms on last week's tally, where the band landed at Number 3 with their latest track Worth It.

Hoping to repeat the trick with their debut album Reflection this week, Official Charts caught up with the group about the record, its future singles and welcoming girlbands back to the global stage.

Hello Fifth Harmony! So Worth It debuted at Number 3 on the Official Singles Chart last week; that's pretty huge, isn't it? 

Lauren: We’re incredibly pleased with how well Worth It is doing for us. It’s really awesome when your efforts finally start to be recognised. We’ve been working at this for three years!

Dinah: Luckily we have amazing fans that have been requesting it on radio and pushing for it to be heard, which is really cool. This is basically all happening because of them; they've made this song what it's become.

You do have a very dedicated fanbase, which is quite rare for a US girl group these days. Do you think girl bands are officially *back* in America?

Lauren: I think people are more just touching on to the vibe we’re giving. I’m not sure people are necessarily concerned with us being a girl group specifically - we just happened to come into the market when there wasn’t a major one. I think we're also pretty relatable and people like what we’re doing which we like, because we’re being who we are and we’re trying to send a message of positivity.

Your debut album Reflection is released in the UK this week, but it’s been out for ages in America; are you secretly bored of this one now and ready to move on already?

Normani: I know what you mean, for us it feels like we've been working on this album for a long time. It'd been under our wing for two years before we released it but we finally gave birth to it in February… it was a hard push! 

Ally: We're not bored of it! There's such a mix of songs on the album sound-wise and they're so much fun to perform live... we're still having a blast with it.

Are there anymore singles lined up from Reflection? 

Normani: Right now we’re pretty focused on Worth It, but we're talking about maybe releasing one more song from the album. We’re also working on another album at the moment and hopefully we're going on tour, so there’s lots to get on with with. What would you release next?

Like Mariah or Everlasting Love.

Ally: Everyone says Like Mariah! We love that song – I personally love Tyga’s bit on it.

Normai: And – hello! – it samples Mariah Carey?!

Ally: Everlasting Love is my favourite! You’ve just made me so happy saying that. I really love it.

How well do Fifth Harmony know each other? Find out below: 

Fifth Harmony's Reflection is out now.