Every surprise song performed by Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour

As has become tradition, Taylor performs a different song not selected for the setlist each night.

Taylor Swift has only just started her long-awaited Eras Tour, and she already has the internet abuzz with speculation about what will be the special, surprise song she performs each night.

As has become tradition in Tay live shows, despite a magnificent 44 tracks from Taylor Swift to Midnights being chosen for the main setlist for the tour (which each section of the tour comprising of songs from a specific album - great for fans of Evermore or reputation, less so for devout listeners to her debut era or Speak Now) the pop superstar will take to the stage each night of the new tour's North America leg to perform two fan-favourite songs.

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The Eras Tour was kicked off in Glendale, Arizona over March 17 & 18, and Taylor pulled four surprise songs from her hat.

On the tour's opening night, she performed folklore's sparkling highlight Mirrorball, while also treating the audience to the ultimate throwback, with an acoustic rendition of her first-ever single, Tim McGraw.

The shenanigans continued on the second night at Glendale, where Tay pulled out another folklore track, the demure This Is Me Trying, as well as Red's stadium-rock opener, State Of Grace.

And what songs will be next? Well, that's up to no-one but Taylor, of course, although reason would demand that she performs at least a few of the songs from albums that got the short stick in terms of main set list allocation (and maybe to also drum up interest for Speak Now (Taylor's Version)). 

Some omissions that are begging to be performed in the slot surely must go to Speak Now (Mine? Sparks Fly? Back To December? Better Than Revenge??) and some much-missed hits from 1989 (Out Of The Woods!) and reputation (Getaway Car!)

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See each new surprise song Taylor Swift has performed on the Eras Tour below.

What is the surprise song and has Taylor done this before?

Yes! It's become one of Taylor's hallmarks that during her live shows, she will allot one slot for each performance where she'll perform a fan-favourite track that didn't make the main set list for the show.

She's showcased this on her last two main tours, The 1989 Tour and the Reputation Tour, where she would perform early career tracks like A Place In This World or Holy Ground.

Taylor has also become known for her please welcome to the stage moments, inviting friends and peers on the stage to perform some of their biggest hits - from bestie Selena Gomez to emerging talents like Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko. 

So far, though, there have been no special guests on The Eras Tour, and the surprise song now seems allotted for fan favourite cuts that didn't make the sprawling 44 song selection. 

Every surprise song performed by Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour

1. Mirrorball (from folklore) -  March 17, Glendale

2. Tim McGraw (from Taylor Swift) -  March 17, Glendale

3. This Is Me Trying (from folklore) - March 18, Glendale

4. State Of Grace (from Red) - March 18, Glendale

5. Our Song (from Taylor Swift) - March 24, Las Vegas

6. Snow On The Beach (from Midnights) - March 24, Las Vegas

7. Cowboy Like Me with Marcus Mumford (from evermore) - March 25, Las Vegas

8. White Horse (from Fearless) - March 25, Las Vegas

9. Sad, Beautiful, Tragic (from Red) - March 31, Texas

10. Ours (from Speak Now) - March 31, Texas

11. Death By A Thousand Cuts (from Lover) - April 1, Texas

12. Clean (from 1989) - April 1, Texas

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