Eurovision fans laugh at unusual list of items banned from the contest

Don't even think about taking a shopping trolley to this year's contest...

Thinking of taking a shopping trolley along to this year's Eurovision Song Contest? Well, think again. 

Europe's biggest singing contest - held in Lisbon, Portugal this year for the first time in May - has released a list of items is states are banned from the venue and will be confiscated for security reasons.

Items you'd expect to be banned such as explosives and toxic substances are on the list, but fans were surprised to see things including shopping trolleys, ladders, ropes, umbrellas and adhesive tape on the list. 

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This year's Eurovision final takes place on May 12. The UK's entry, SuRie's Storms, gets an automatic free pass to the final because it helps fund the event, along with Germany, France, Spain and Italy. 

43 countries will compete in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, most of which perform in the two semi finals on May 8 and May 10. Check out the UK's highest charting Eurovision entries of previous years here.

Remind yourself of every UK Eurovision entry below, including Scooch, Gina G, Katrina and the Waves a lots you will probably have forgotten about: 

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2018 SuRie - Storm