Emma Bunton's comeback Baby Please Don't Stop is a mellow, throwback bop: first listen preview

We've heard Baby Spice's new solo track - here's what we thought of it.

If you're an Emma Bunton fan, then you won't be disappointed with Baby Please Don't Stop, her first new song in 12 years.

Update (Feb. 27) The track, out now, is the lead release from Emma's new album My Happy Place, her first since 2006. Click here to view the album artwork, tracklist and star collaborators. Watch the video below: 

Opening with guitars reminiscent of her UK Number 1 single What Took You So Long?, the song clocks in at exactly three minutes, giving us 180 seconds of sensual vocals over sugary production. The track's bridge is our particular highlight, stripping back Emma's whispery tones which blossom around the track's bass guitar. 

Speaking of her voice, you could be mistaken for thinking Emma sounds a little like her BMG label-mate Kylie Minogue, with her warm tones slinking through the tambourine-led chorus like silk. Lyrics include: "I'm going out of my head, need to feel your love. Boy too much can never be enough, so baby please don't stop." This is a flirty, carefree and confident Emma who is taking control of the situation with the man of her dreams.

The song's 60s-harking, throwback vibe follows in the footsteps of her previous hits Free Me and Maybe, giving nods to Petula Clark and Dusty Springfield, the latter Emma will actually cover on My Happy Place.

If you want something to Spice Up Your Life before Baby, Ginger, Sporty and Scary reunite this summer, then this will whet your appetite.

Emma's new album My Happy Place is released on April 12.