Ed Sheeran tweets ÷ sign in keeping with first two record names + and x, confirms new music release date

+, x... ÷?

Ed Sheeran continues to tease the world ahead of his musical return this Friday (January 6).

Ed announced his return to social media after a year off early in December with a blue square, sparking plenty of debate between his fans about what it could mean.

The answer came on New Year's Day, when he followed up his tweet with confirmation that we could expect new music this coming Friday:

Since then, he's posted a gif of a divide symbol (or an obelus if you want to get technical about it). Ed's first two hugely successful albums were named + (plus) and x (multiply), so surely it makes sense that this is the title of his third album? 

We'll find out on Friday January 6, when whatever he is releasing will be out 5am in the UK and midnight in America.

Meanwhile, despite x being released in Summer 2014, the record still managed to be one of the 20 biggest albums of 2016. Check out the full Top 40 list here.

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