DNCE are back with a new single called Kissing Strangers and it's a massive banger: First listen review

The sequel to Cake By The Ocean we all needed is almost upon us.

DNCE are one of the few groups at the moment doing proper 'pop' pop songs.

By that we mean big, extravagant and sometimes wonderfully ridiculous songs like their global smash Cake By The Ocean (which still sounds amazing, by the way) and the Timberlake-esque Body Moves - a song that was criminally ignored mostly because of Cake...'s enduring brilliance. 

A year after their debut single pretty much took over the world, Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle are hoping to do it all over again with their new track Kissing Strangers, which is released this Friday (April 14).

A 10 out of 10 title aside, we can confirm the song is a.) a total banger and b.) up there with the aforementioned songs. As the title suggests, it's about copping off lots of people and hoping that - eventually - one of those people will come back for more than a quick snog. No major rush on that though, of course.  

"Trying to find a connection in 2000-something ain't easy," sings Joe on the opening verse, while the chorus goes: "Kissing strangers, 'til I find someone I love/ Kissing Strangers, 'til I find someone I trust."

Crucially, there's a ridiculously catchy "Nana-na nana-na na na" hook in the chorus that instantly elevates it to the sort of song you can imagine being eaten up by radio. Oh, and there's plenty of ear-snagging "OOF's" and "HEY!'s" thrown in for good measure.  

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Meanwhile, Nicki is at her most playful on her verse, which includes the brilliant line: "I got a lot of sons, I can show you all the sonograms/ Me I'm Jem and these witnesses are holograms". Amazing.  

Sound-wise, Kissing Strangers bares more than a passing resemblance to Cake By The Ocean, with its Prince-inspired electric guitar funk riff, but it feels more like the sequel or a close relative rather than an out-an-out clone. 

Kissing Strangers is available to download and stream from Friday, April 14.