Dave Grohl unveils 23-minute song called Play to inspire people to learn instruments and make their own music

Can you make it all the way to the end?

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has released a 23 minute song in the hope of inspiring people to pick up instruments and make their own music.

The track, called PLAY, is officially released on August 11 but can be heard in a new mini documentary out now on BBC iPlayer.

PLAY, which is directed by Grohl, is about "celebrating the rewards and challenges of dedicating ones life to playing and mastering a musical instrument."

Part one opens with behind the scenes footage featuring discussion on his love of playing music before the 23-minute, one-man-band instrumental recording on which he plays all seven instruments on the track, all live.

PLAY ranks among one of the longest songs ever recorded, alongside tracks such as The Orb's The Blue Room (39m58s), Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond (26m01s) and Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Karn Evil 9 (29m36s). 

However, these all pale in comparison to The Flaming Lips, who in 2014 recorded a song for 24 hours. The track, called 7 Skies H3, was released on a flash drive for Record Store Day. while a 50-minute edit was released as an album.