Craig David on new album Following My Intuition: "I’m seeing two generations connecting on the same music" - interview

We sat down with the garage legend to talk about his new Number 1 album.

When you think of the term Comeback King, Craig David springs to mind.

The garage legend scored his first Number 1 album in over a decade and a half today (October 7) with his sixth studio record Following My Intuition. We caught up with Craig at Tape London where he was due to perform so he could fill us in on how he was feeling after he heard he was back at the top of the charts.

Congratulations Craig on your first Number 1 album in 16 years with Following My Intuition! Did you ever think you would be sat at the top of the Official Albums Chart again?

“Guys, I cannot tell you how emotional, surreal and excited I am. There’s a lot of things going on in my mind. The last Number 1 I had was with Born To Do It 16 years ago so to have another and to share it with so many amazing people - my friends and family and the team that worked so hard around me and all the fans who supported me over the years – that’s why it’s surreal."

You must have a legion of new fans now too alongside your following who have stuck with you since you started?

"I’m seeing two generations connecting – the people who have been with me since 1999 and I’m seeing the crew who are just discovering me, both connecting on the same music, and it’s the most amazing feeling. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what’s going on right now!"

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You've had one of the most successful comebacks in recent memory - is there a secret to making it back to the top of the Official Charts?

"I’d like to say there’s a special secret to having a Number 1 album, but all I can say is that from the moment that I started to follow my intuition like I did when I made my first album, Born To Do It, I started to enjoy the music. I started to take my time, feel like music is about creating, it’s not about anything but that but when I started to do that, everything seemed to fall into place. To hold a Number 1 award in my hand right now, I never expected this, genuinely.

"I just wanted to put new music out there for people to enjoy and I’m so proud of this album anyway, but a NUMBER 1 ALBUM, I mean come on, that’s crazy! Thank you so much, I really am so grateful.”

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What feels different this time around?

"What feels different this time around is I was eighteen when I released Born To Do It. It was all new to me; I’d gone from one minute being with my mum and dad on a council estate in Southampton and the next thing it was a Number 1 album and I was playing three nights at Wembley Arena. It was just so fast.

"I think now, this time it’s sweeter because I can take it slowly, I can enjoy it and appreciate the sixteen years I’ve been doing this for and people who’ve been supporting me from day one. That’s why I wanna take this moment and just be in it, sometimes you can just keep on rushing onto the next album, you keep on moving… but I’ve just had a Number 1 album! Fifteen years ago was the last. Crazy. Thank you so much."

Craig's Number 1 album Following My Intuition is out now.