Can't make a gig? You can now get a refund on your tickets thanks to DICE

The new initiative is an effort to clamp down on ticket touting.

Ever realised at the last minute that you can no longer make a gig and then can't find anyone to sell your tickets to? Ticketing app DICE may have come up with the perfection solution.

Called DICE Does Refunds, the popular live music discovery app has introduced the new feature as a fresh way for fans to find tickets to sold out shows without paying over the odds.

Exploitation of ticket pricing is on the rise, but so are the number of companies offering new methods to stop bots from nabbing tickets to shows and selling them at much higher fares.

The app allows customers to return their tickets and get their money back. When tickets are relinquished, they are then offered to fans on a waiting list, who can then purchase them for the original fee. It's all explained in the video below:

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According to DICE, 17% of gig goers are currently missing shows in the UK, unable to sell tickets to events they can't attend. It was also revealed that tickets costing less than £10 has led to a 21% no-show rate. 

With UK music fans wasting a reported £169 million each year on gig tickets that they are no longer able to use, it seems like DICE Does Refunds is a huge step to ensuring that more fans can make gigs and not being ripped off in the process.

This follows the recent news that Harry Styles' team cancelled tickets appearing on secondary ticketing sites for his upcoming world tour