Brooke Scullion bounces back from Eurovision with sophisticated new single Tongues: "I've evolved into the pop star I've always wanted to be"

The follow-up to That's Rich, Tongues is a sophisticated synth-pop bop inspired by the likes of Tove Lo. We reunited to Brooke to get the low-down.

Brooke Scullion is *back*...and she's speaking in Tongues. 

Irish Charts (rightfully) got right behind Brooke earlier this year with the launch of her single That's Rich, which was chosen to represent Ireland at Eurovision. 

It was a bold move both for Brooke and the Irish Eurovision entry in general, and the Derry native truly did transform on that stage; evolving from her humble, more kitschy beginnings to - in the live second Semi Final - a true pop star (Derry Lipa, some might say!) in all her glory.

Sadly, That's Rich journey to Eurovision glory was cut tragically short...but when has a pop girl ever let that get her down? Now, bouncing back in style, Brooke is ready for you. Her new single Tongues is a step up and out from That's Rich - taking on a sophisticated synth-pop production layered with religious imagery. 

We reunited with Brooke over Zoom to discuss this and more. Listen to Tongues below now.

Brooke, hello again. Would it be appropriate to start with...justice for That's Rich?

No! But you know what? It would have been far worse if I'd actually gotten to the final and placed really far down. It's all for the best. And now I'm Derry Lipa! Which is hilarious, and actually quite offensive to Dua Lipa, and [the support from fans] is perhaps more beneficial to me than getting through to the final would have been.

Don't get me wrong, it would have been great for me and for my streams! But it's all good.

To be real, though, the evolution you went through was so amazing to see.

Each stage got bigger. The Late Late Show [which hosted Ireland's EuroSong 2022] was a very small stage. There was very little I could do, I had very little time, I had very little money. I also think of that as Primary School, the Euro Tour [where Eurovision acts tour around Europe to stir up fan support] as high school, and that gave me the confidence I needed. That whole experience was invaluable to me - the contacts I made and everything. 

And that's when I graduated to university and got on that Eurovision stage. That's essentially where I evolved into the pop star I've always wanted to be. Growing up, all I wanted to be was a performer. [On the stage] there was no apprehension, no fear. 

No matter the result, it was great to see Ireland try something different too, with such a good reaction!

It was a forerunner! I was trying to change the game. Ireland has never sent a song [to Eurovision] like That's Rich. It was a risk for them, but look at the support we received. I'm excited to see what they do next year. I even have a song that I could give them for next year, I don't know if I'll compete again, but I definitely want to give them a song.

Speaking of songs! Tongues is very different from That's a good way!

I love it! It was written during a very specific point in my life too - I'd never experienced love like that before. It kind of hits you and you're like - shit, I did not expect to feel that. Why have I let myself fall in love? It's so unpredictable and overwhelming. 

The song itself had been in my head for months, and on Zoom [in the session] it just fell out of me in maybe 20 minutes. The whole thing about speaking in tongues is very religious - like how God can speak through some people. It's so personal and intimate, and only that person can understand it.

It sounds very...Tove Lo. Very Swedish, almost.

Stop it. You're literally speaking things into existence. I love Tove Lo. Bikini Porn is one of my favourite songs of all time. It's one of the best songs in the world. 

Tongues is out now.

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