Boyzone will celebrate their 25th anniversary with an arena tour and new music

The band are coming back, no matter what.

Boyzone are coming back no matter what (geddit?) to celebrate their 25th anniversary next year. 

Ronan, Shane, Michael and Kieth posted a new group shot online to announce plans for an arena tour to mark 25 years of the band in 2018. 

And as if that wasn't enough, they've also teased the possibility of new music - though it's unclear as yet whether that'll be a new album or a couple of songs added to a greatest hits release. 

Ahead of the big anniversary tour, Boyzone will play a handful of shows this summer, the first of which has been announced as the Royal Windsor Racecourse on August 26. 

Boyzone have notched up 18 Top 10 hits in their career, including six Number 1s such as Words (1996), No Matter What (1998, one of the UK's all time best-selling love ballads) and When The Going Gets Tough (1999). 

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The group released an album called BZ 20 to mark - you've guessed it - their 20th anniversary in 2013, while their Motown covers album Dublin To Detroit topped out at Number 14 in 2014.