Belters Only are ready to take on 2023 after a massive breakout year with Make Me Feel Good: "The pressure hasn't hit us, we're ready to go"

The Irish DJ duo burned up the charts with their breakthrough hit Make Me Feel Good - and they're keeping the good vibes coming into the new year.

Few acts had a better 2022 than Belters Only - the Irish DJ duo comprised of Conor Bissett and Robbie Griffiths broke out in a massive way with the dance banger Make Me Feel Good, featuring Jazzy. 

Make Me Feel Good burned a fire up the Official Singles Chart last year, reaching a peak of Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart, while in their native Ireland, it became the first homegrown dance track to top the Official Irish Singles Chart in almost 22 years. Not bad going. 

Now, Bissett and Robbie are ready for an even bigger 2023. At the tail end of last year, they dropped their debut EP as Belters Only, 2022 Only, comprised of their series of singles released from the last 12 months.

With big plans set in stone for 2023, we caught up with the boys to see why this year could turn out to be even bigger than the last.

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Well, lads, here we are. All in all, 2022 wasn't a bad year for you, was it!

Robbie: It was crazy. But like I said [before], we'd been working towards this for years beforehand, so it was bound to happen eventually. It was only a matter of time. We're happy that it did [happen]. It was the right time, after COVID, people were begging for dance music and we had plenty of it. It worked well in our favour!

Make Me Feel Good obviously exploded not just in the UK and Ireland, but all around the world too - that must have been the most amazing experience, especially having been essentially locked down for two years

Bissett: It's amazing that people around the world listened to music you made in your bedroom, you know what I mean? To hear it popping off in all those different countries was amazing. It's crazy what kind of reach a song can have.

You've just dropped your 2022 Only EP to end the year on a high, with all your past singles and tracks - how long was that in the works? Because I know you had Make Me Feel Good in your pockets for a while before it was released

Bissett: The EP pretty much rounded up all the tracks we did in 2022. We have a couple more to add now this year, and release a couple of more singles as well. We're looking forward to getting into that, and also releasing an album as well.

An album! How long have you been working on that for?

Robbie: This year, we're planning to evolve even more and try and get maybe two albums finished. Maybe not release two, but finish them. Our debut album is definitely coming this year!

Did having a hit as big as Make Me Feel Good ever put the pressure on for a follow-up? Or did the pressure not get to you at all? 

Robbie: The pressure didn't hit us, but the fire was in the belly. We both believed we were going to get a hit at some point. Either as a solo artist or a duo, when it did hit...we were blown away but there were no nerves, it just gave us more motivation to make more music, and it hasn't stopped since. 

Be honest - how many bangers do you have ready for 2023?

Bissett: We want to get an album out this year, but before that we're going to lock in a single to kick things off. We're spoilt for choice, really. Our label, Polydor, they're fully supportive of us, so it's a matter of whittling down the shortlist. We put a post up on Instagram with five different options, and one seems more popular than the others. It's actually a YEBBA sample and she's approved it. So that could be the next one!

Your DMs must have been wild last year - who slid into them to collaborate? Can you share?

Bissett: Ummmm...probably not! Because we're pursuing them and out of respect for the people we have and haven't worked with...but there are big collaborations coming this year. 

I personally would love a Belters Only x Becky Hill team-up, just saying

Robbie: Maybe....maybe it's already been done. Maybe it hasn't. We'll keep you guessing...

2022 Only is out now via Polydor. 

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All of them songs are belters that's why they called that name because they are a very good artist
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