Alan Walker takes us behind the scenes of his Hong Kong-shot Sing Me To Sleep music video - Premiere

The producer takes to the streets of Hong Kong to continue the story of the visual for Faded.

You remember Alan Walker, right? He's the man behind Faded, the massive electro-ballad that hit the Official Singles Chart Top 10 back in April this year. 

That track is still holding its own in the Top 40, but it's not stopped him from promptly releasing a follow up in the form of Sing Me To Sleep - another rousing slice of mid tempo electro house that sounds like a direct descendant of Faded.

As such, he's made a music video that continues the story started in the Faded visual (and this year's Faded - Restrung clip), using the same character and adding a few more into the mix (he calls them Walkers), but shifting the narrative to Hong Kong. 

Watch Alan talk through the visual in this behind the scenes clip, premiered below: 

Sing Me To Sleep is available to download and stream through all the usual channels now. The final music video, which appears below, has already had 35 million views in just over a month, suggesting he's got another smash on his hands with this one. 

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